One more great usability enhancement requested by Telix users.  Telix will sense and filter accordingly all duplicate incoming messages to save you valuable time.

Most users take advantage of the powerful Telix feature that allows to view more than one department and mailboxes seemingly, in one go.  Nevertheless whenever senders sent the same email to more than one mailboxes you may end up with duplicate messages.

Telix will exclude such duplicate messages (i.e. sent to personal/operations/technical or sent to personal/chartering/info) and filter any unnecessary duplicates.

Auto exclude for duplicates may be turned on/off per user or company and allow to fine tune every case and need in your company.

We welcome your ideas and requests for new Telix functionality and usability at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WT3 is part of the Telix suite of products, the leading maritime message management system that introduced electronic messaging in shipping. WT3 is offering a user friendly, intuitive interface for email, fax, telex, sms, drag and drop company and personal filing, extensive classification, remote access, and a plethora of company and personal tools to handle your messaging and communications.

 LgMAR is a software company founded by a team of dedicated experts in computer science and maritime business, to develop highly specialized software in the area of telecommunications. LgMAR is recognized as a leading company in communications software with several hundreds of installations and thousands of satisfied users. Clients are based mainly in Greece, but also in a number of other world regions (Europe, North and South America, Far East, Middle East) mostly in the Shipping related section (Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ship Brokers, Ship Agents, Operators, Banks, Insurance Brokers, Manning Agents, Transport Companies, etc.)

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