1 How to create quick text and save it How to create quick text and save it Download
2 How to view flagged messages As soon as the date and time have been reached for the flag notification, a pop-up dialog box appears on the screen and prompts the user to press either OK to view the flagged message or to snooze the notification. Download
3 How to set personal flags Flagging can be very helpful to mark messages for further action. User can set a flag on a message without interferring with the rest of his colleagues. In addition, the application has the ability to notify the user at a specific date and time about his flagged messages. Download
4 How to import quick text How to import quick text Download
5 How to edit an incoming fax Incoming fax can be edited in order to be sent either directly as a fax or as an attachment to any email message. Download
6 How to edit/create circular lists Quick guide on how to create, edit, manage circular lists for multiple recipients of messages Download
7 How to select colours in message catalogue view Messages in catalog can be differentiated from other messages if coloring is used. Download
8 Automatic zip for attachments If you wish your attachments to be zipped automatically in order to minimize the volume you send over the internet, you may select the autozip functionality. Download
9 How to set an alarm notification on messages Alarm notifications can be used for messages the recipient has an immediate interest on. Download
10 Create/send new message How to create and send a new message. Download